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Western Sydney is full of creativity and works of art that shape the area’s character and style. Not only is it the many galleries and street art that gives testament to this, but the thoughtful and premium architectural works also characterise the streetscapes and seamlessly integrate their surroundings.


Western Sydney based firm J Mammone Architecture (JMA) is a premium example of how considered design enhances and transforms. JMA creates homes that foster memory-making and hospitality, exquisite in architectural style from the inside out.

One home is Golden Vale in the heart of the majestic Megalong Valley, part of the Blue Mountains. Surrounded by massive sandstone escarpments, this stylish and robust home will catch the eye of any traveller along Megalong Road.

Interested to find out what makes this home so outstanding, The WEST Journal spoke with JMA principal architect Joseph Mammone. And unsurprisingly, it is the deliberate choices and thought about every aspect of this design that makes it so eye catching. He says,

Megalong Valley is characterised by immense escarpments, sandstone bluffs and uninterrupted views of the Blue Mountains bushland. The journey to site is always memorable- the continually shifting light, dancing on the rocks, creates a unique experience each time you visit.

Inspired by the very site it sits on, the built form holds an exceptional duality - it is bold in architectural expression yet grounded to the site by its materiality.

Primarily consisting of rammed earth, concrete, charred timber and glass; the darker toned materials allow the house to recede into the landscape, while the large glass openings are able to filter the golden light into internal spaces.

Golden Vale is an inspiring piece of architecture that has a lasting impact on all. The site, the people and the local community have been transformed by this project, becoming a memorable point of reference in Megalong Valley.

Such memorable projects not only bring life into areas, but they transform the identity. And with many bespoke projects displaying unique and thoughtful design features, we can see how JMA is challenging the way architecture is viewed and appreciated in Western Sydney.


Joseph Mammone Architecture

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