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We visit the best hospitality venues throughout the WEST and offer a range of services to help fulfil the potential of each and every destination.


With a simple chat, we can create a customised secret-shopper experience. We visit the venue and assess the space from top to bottom - the interior design, the food, the menu, the service and most importantly the experience. We will even look at your brand presentation and social media. The aim is to provide you with positive insights and explain opportunities you have to help improve your business.

Within the secret shopper experience, all reviews are private and between WEST and you as our client, only. This is the key, we don’t want you to be at the blunt end of malicious or bad reviews, we are there to help and provide you with a positive experience, insights and positive exposure. The review we undertake is also backed up by our network, so we can point you in the right direction on how to make and implement changes. We use our expertise and knowledge to inform you how to improve your brand from not just what to do, but how, from interior design to signature cocktails, service manuals to social media management and content. The aim is to help you tick all the boxes.

WEST can also feature you as a venue on our blog and Instagram as a destination to go and check out. We can then link you in with our network of social media influencers, real people with real followers. The goal is to then enable you to have a select group of ongoing secret shoppers that can provide you with informative feedback and positive social media posting. The public can be involved too and through a customised QR-Code we enable them to provide you with day -to-day feedback. Getting to know your clients and helping you to adapt to change. Again this information is only seen by yourself and the team at WEST, enabling us to be responsive to your needs.

The WEST Journal connects you with your clients like never before, and we provide you with the best opportunities to grow your brand and business.

The WEST Journal is a concept from ØLSEN PALMER

Our range of services are listed below.

Please click on the imagery to gain a better understanding of what we do. 





Service Manuals









Social Media


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