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Richmond is an historic township in the City of Hawkesbury on the traditional lands of the Darug People. Being one of the original five Macquarie Towns, there is a whole lot of history to be explored within the area.


Richmond is located 63km Northwest of the Sydney CBD and is easily accessible by both train and car with two train stations located in the heart of the township, Richmond, and East Richmond.

If driving into Richmond, stop off at the Hawkesbury Visitor Information Centre. Here, you can learn a little about the history of the area and gain a better understanding of its location in regards to what else is around. The Hawkesbury Visitor information centre is positioned on Hawkesbury Valley Way surrounded by an avenue of beautiful mature London Plane Trees.

Once arriving in Richmond, park your car on Windsor Street, or find a park in one of the many parking lots around the town.

As always, we like to start our day with a coffee. Head to one of the many cafes along Windsor Street to get your coffee fix before exploring the town. Some of our favourites include Black Duck Espresso as well as The Second Home Café, Richmond.

After you’ve caffeinated up, it’s time to start exploring. Head up Windsor Street to Richmond Park. In 1868 the park was dedicated as an area of public recreation and has remained this way ever since. In the late 1820s, a major tree-planting program commenced which included several Australia as well as exotic species, which can still be found in the parklands today. Within the park, you’ll find The Pavilion, A Grandstand overlooking the oval, as well as the fountain. Walking around the park you begin to imagine people of the 1800s using the space to promenade throughout the day.

After building an appetite head across the road to The Royal Richmond Hotel. The hotel has been designed so beautifully, retaining the historic character of the pub as you walk in, with a newly completed courtyard towards the back of the site.

In terms of food, you’ll be spoilt for choice. If there is a group, we would recommend choosing one of the dry-aged cuts from the dry age storage and pairing it with a few sides. You can tell how fresh all the produce is as soon as you start eating!


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