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Nestled in the heart of Western Sydney, on Dharug land, North Blacktown stands out as an exceptionally diverse and multicultural community. Positioned on the northern side of the train line and bordered by Marayong, Kings Park, and Lalor Park, this vibrant locality serves as a melting pot of restaurants, places of worship, and shops.

orthodox church in North Blacktown


Start your day at Double Drip Cafe, conveniently located within walking distance from Blacktown Station. Relax amidst thriving greenery, sipping on your Campos Coffee and indulging in a light café meal. For another charming option, visit Two By Four Cafe, offering a picturesque view of Fairwater Park.

Take a stroll around the village centre near the station. Within only several blocks, you will find five places of worship for five different religions - a simple display of just how multicultural this area is. The strikingly red Serbian Orthodox Church on Second Avenue and the elegant Blacktown Mosque on Prince Street showcase the harmonious coexistence of diverse religious communities. Other notable places of worship include the Blacktown Chinese Christian Church, the Sikh meditation centre Gurudwara Sahib Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji, and the Shree Swaminarayan Hindu Temple.

Something else you’ll notice while walking through North Blacktown is that the area is quickly becoming a hub, with the development of several premium high-rise apartment blocks. With a growing multicultural population, North Blacktown will evolve to become a larger hub of community, food, and retail. A visit today will look different to a visit tomorrow!

For dining options, Good Luck Plaza offers an old-school Asian food arcade featuring a small Malaysian restaurant, the Vietnamese Pho Oanh, Wang Long BBQ, and the Mexican eatery Chololo. Additionally, North Blacktown boasts numerous Indian restaurants, with Radhe Chatpata House standing out for its diverse menu that includes fresh naan, hearty Punjabi curries, dosa, and Indian snacks.

If you are visiting with children, the Blacktown Aquatic Centre is a premier leisure facility in North Blacktown. It was opened in 1961 as a War Memorial pool and has undergone updates and refurbishments throughout its six decades as the local pool and continues to be a modern venue, loved by locals. A great kids' water play park is the newest addition and is a safe and very popular attraction for the children. The centre is a lovely place to have a splash.

Or, perhaps you might like to take on indoor climbing! Climb Oz is a friendly rock climbing gym perfect for beginners and experts alike. With rock climbing walls, bouldering walls, and a climbing training area, this gym has something for everyone of any level.

Afterwards, visit Club Blacktown which is just next door. This club has been recently updated to include a spacious outside dining area connected to their Italian and Mediterranean eatery Villagio. There’s also the popular Yum Cha and Chinese restaurant Ocean Treasure Asian Dining serving award-winning Cantonese cuisine. Or, if you simply feel like a big bowl of Vietnamese Pho, you’ll also find Just Pho.

A day in North Blacktown is a sensory journey filled with colours and flavours. This unique neighbourhood, undergoing continuous urban transformation, invites you to explore this weekend. We love it.


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