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Named after a large heritage listed hill, Rooty Hill is a multicultural area with a fascinating history, and plenty of culture today. On the traditional land of the Dharug people, Rooty Hill is made up of a community of people with heritage from all over the world. From the second largest entertainment building in Sydney, to family run Filipino bakeries, Rooty Hill is a destination with plenty to experience.

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Begin your day at Rooty Hill station in the heart of this buzzing area. You can sit down for a coffee and decadent brunch at the very popular Urban Jungle Cafe which is known for its very fluffy pancakes.

Head over the train line for a sweet treat at local favourite Tita’s Cakes – an easy walk if on foot. For lovers of dessert and sweet treats, this shop is popular within the Filipino community for their signature Ube cupcakes. Ube is a mashed purple yam, with a sweet nutty flavour and is commonly used in Filipino cooking. Try it, you’ll love it!

For some more Filipino treats, head up the street to Mix N Match Bakehouse, another popular bakery. On the weekends, this bakery has a huge assortment of breads and other baked goods.

Continue along Rooty Hill Road South and you’ll come to The Rooty Hill. Heritage listed as a historic site, this huge bare hill offers an iconic vantage point of Sydney’s West. Brave the steep climb to the top of the hill and you’ll easily see the Blue Mountains in the near distance and plenty of other markers in Western Sydney.

This hill has an interesting history. Before European settlement, the hill was and is a significant vantage point for Indigenous people, it was used for camping and gathering. There is speculation about the naming, but many believe it was named Rooty Hill after its similarity to a hill of the same name in Norfolk Island.

During the early 1800s, The Rooty Hill was used as a government stockyard with a brick two-storey residence on site. It was later donated to the Presbyterian church and is now a greenspace area preserving the regrowth of Cumberland Plain Woodland.

Once you’ve explored the hill, you can visit Blacktown International Sports Park around the corner on Eastern Road. This world-class facility was built for the 2000 Sydney Olympics to host softball and baseball, and it has since been expanded to include cricket, AFL, hockey and athletics. On the southern side is the Western Sydney Wanderers Centre of Football which has been newly renovated as a state-of-the-art facility. The elite football park is an impressive centre with natural turf fields and synthetic fields with grandstand seating.

Sporting facilities like this are used by athletes young and old from all around the world.

For lunch, visit Rooty Hill Road North where you can wander down the street and find a variety of multicultural stores. You’ll find an Afghan bakery, a Pacific Islander grocery store, an old school pub, Lebanese pizza, a Vietnamese restaurant, and several Filipino stores.

For a hearty and authentic Filipino meal, visit Mama Lor. This family-owned restaurant has a menu packed with traditional Filipino dishes. Everything is delicious, and some favourites include the Crispy Pata (crispy pork hock), Sinigang (tamarind soup), and Sizzling Sisig (sizzling pork cuts). Mama Lor is also a bakery, and so you’ll need to try some of their delicious Filipino baked goods, including more Ube treats.

You can also visit Eastern Creek Quarter which has a very cool restaurant area with Kerbside Eatery, Pic De Gallo, Pho Ever, and Sir Manong. There’s a very cool vibe going on here, with some colourful street art, and stylish outdoor eating areas.

Next, head to West HQ just a few blocks away. West HQ is the home to the Sydney Coliseum Theatre which is the largest theatre in Western Sydney, seating 2,000 guests. Featuring world-class performances all year round, check their box office to find out what’s on, and treat yourself to an evening show and dinner.

Dining options at West HQ are also excellent, which is why we keep returning.

The newest venue inside West HQ is New Town Thai which completely wowed WEST from the moment we stepped through the door. Headed by Runghthip ‘Tippy’ Pureprasert, the entire menu is about bringing out authentic Thai flavours with creative flair. This luxurious 180-seat restaurant was designed by experts and includes a beautiful mural with layered textures and colours symbolic of Thailand.

You’ll also find Steak & Oyster Co by Sean Connelly, offering very high quality and fresh meat and seafood dishes – we love their oysters. CHU Restaurant by China Doll is another favourite of ours with high-end Yum Cha and spectacular pan-Asian dishes. For excellent pizza and pasta, there's Pizzaperta Manfredi with modern Italian favourites.

If you’re in the area and need accommodation, the Novotel next door to West HQ is an excellent option. Enjoy a vibrant and unique staycation in Western Sydney right here in Rooty Hill.


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