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There are not many suburbs as proud as Penrith. Rallying behind their beloved Penrith Panthers, the area has a contagiously passionate atmosphere that any visitor will love. This is most obvious on a night out, as the area is fast becoming a go-to hub of nightlife.

We’ve done the hard yards and compiled a list of must-visit bars in Penrith to guarantee you many exciting weekends out, late-night drinks, or catch-ups with friends.


Cocktails, dumplings, neon lights, and a dancefloor can only mean good things. That’s what you’ll expect at Penrith’s iconic bar and social hub Duck Duck Goose.

The venue is designed for a good night out (or lunch) – the striking interior design only add to this. Groove on the huge dance floor, pumped by over 30 speakers and the area’s best DJs. Or if you’re looking to have a chat, the booths are designed so that you can still have a private conversation even while the dance floor is going off.

It’s all about having a good time at Duck Duck Goose, and the updated menus reflect this. With cocktails designed by award-winning bartender Brendon Hill, you’ll enjoy memorable drinks, tasty baos and dumplings, and plenty of good company. Oh and did I mention the neon lights, epic.

If you’re looking for an authentic Italian meal paired with good wine, you’ll feel right at home in GellaFrenda. Based in a heritage listed building, GellaFrenda’s open kitchen and alfresco dining area make for a relaxed evening of enjoyment.

Boasting a handpicked selection of wine from around the world and from local producers, the impressive cellar finds its home in a heritage building finished with quirky interior design details. With several private rooms dedicated to tastings, you’ll find yourself drinking fine wine surrounded by art – including a nod to the water level of the 1867 flood.

The owners of this business know that you’ll be craving something sweet after enjoying their wine and dinner, so they’ve partnered with artisan gelato producers Ciccone & Sons for the perfect finale to a night out.

Tucked away in the Woodriff Laneway, this local bar radiates sophistication. Opened in 2018, AG paved the way for Penrith’s bustling bar scene and continues to offer a unique drinking and dining experience found nowhere else in the area.

As you enter through the beautiful black wooden door, you’ll immediately appreciate the considered design effort that has gone into making this bar feel cosy yet spacious. The sage theme, moody lighting, and minimalist velvet furniture make for the perfect catch-up with friends, date-night, or special occasion.

Enjoy a wine or cocktail paired with their equally-as-thoughtful premium dishes. It’s the type of venue that you’ll keep coming back to.

With 360-degree views of the area, Theo’s Rooftop is a stunning bar on top of the five-star hotel, Astina Suites. Penrith’s first rooftop bar is set to impress from the moment you enter the marble embossed elevator up the eight levels.

Unmatched views of the Blue Mountains all the way to the city, an afternoon drink and tasty food is certainly the best way to enjoy Penrith in style.

Fit with an infinity pool, simple white tiling, and a premium range of cocktails, Theo’s is the perfect treat-yourself bar.

Located in a restored church built in 1861, this bar and restaurant is a unique space to enjoy good food, drink, and company. It’s tucked away from the main road, perfectly situated for a relaxed evening.

You’ll enter through the old church doors and immediately be welcomed by a two-level dining space, moodily lit to showcase the 1800s architecture. Sitting upstairs, the designers have done a great job converting the church space into a large dining area that retains its heritage charm. Enjoy a meal and a few drinks from the mezzanine level which looks down to the floor level – surrounded by the beautifully restored wooden floors and beams. A must see and do.

The moment you leave High Street, and enter through Elton Chong’s doors, you’ll find yourself transported into an aesthetic of youthful rebellion. The walls are a free-for-all easel, proudly displaying hundreds of scribbles, notes, and drawings graffitied by patrons.

It’s this anything-goes vibe that makes Elton Chong a memory making bar. The owners have also heavily invested in the menu, proudly serving a menu of Asian flavours, perfectly paired with their cocktails and tap beers.

And of course, once you’ve finished eating, drinking, and writing on the walls, there’s always the Nintendo 64 set-up to keep you entertained.

The only giveaway that this unassuming café doubles as one of Penrith’s most creative bars, is the small door sometimes left ajar next to the coffee counter out front.

Serving high quality takes on old fashion classic meals, Mr Watkins is a venue that transports you back to the 18th century, in style. Choose from their on-theme cocktail menu and enjoy a shared meal in a cosy corner of this well-designed bar. Tucked away right in the middle of High Street, it defines the speak-easy vibe we often associate with Melbourne bars.


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