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Guildford is a small multicultural suburb bordered by Granville, Merrylands and Villawood. On the traditional land of the Dharug people, Guildford today is dotted with local grocers, places of worship, restaurants, bakeries, and some unexpected and unique heritage listed sites. Like so many Western Sydney suburbs, Guildford is a tapestry of cultures, and is reflective of decades of migration waves bringing in a diversity of people and customs.

Orthodox church in Guildford


Begin your day in the best way possible with a rich, vibrant coffee, fresh baked goods, and a classic Lebanese breakfast from Yum Yum Bakery on Guildford Road. This is a venue with three decades and three generations of family expertise, so you know it will blow you away. The simple flatbreads are always fresh and puffy from the huge oven, their breakfasts are decadent and flavourful too. And of course, everything goes down well with a Campos Coffee.

Take a wander down Guildford Road and take in the sights and sounds of this bustling local village. You’ll find Middle Eastern grocers, Arabic sweets, a sneaker shop, and other eateries all along this one strip. Visit in the evening and Guildford comes to life with pop-up Malaysian street food stalls, Acai World, and delicious feasts at the various Lebanese restaurants.

Next, for some very interesting history, head up Railway Terrace where you will come to a pedestrian bridge over the rail line. Looking to your left and right you’ll see the heritage-listed above-ground water pipes which were built in the late 19th Century. Listed as heritage due to their significance in supplying Sydney with water and providing water treatment. The pipes make for an impressive look out as you can see along the pipeline for many kilometres, walled by homes, shops, and parks. This pipeline cuts right through Western Sydney, many know it but how often have you thought of how significant it really is?

Another fascinating historical site is Linnwood - a homestead built in 1891 by prominent Guildford community member George McCredie. Described as “an extensive cottage” Linnwood was used as a family residence before it was later sold to the government and used as a children’s home, museum, and now home to the local historical society. Perched impressively atop a small hill, Linnwood overlooks a large garden and winding driveway. The home itself can be seen from Byron Road and Friends of Linnwood offer open days and tours throughout the year. Visit and take a step back in time to the Guildford of a previous era.

Guildford is found along Little Duck Creek and the South Granville Cycleway runs through the western side of Woodville Road. It’s an easy stroll or ride along a flat path and a great way to spend some time exploring the suburb.

For dinner, we love La Rouche, a very popular Lebanese restaurant and certainly an institution. They’re well known for their mixed plates and fantastic falafel. We also love La Shish on Guildford Road, serving great food in a beautifully decorated dining area, this is another Guildford gem. You really are spoilt for choice.

With plenty to see, do and taste, Guildford is a buzzing melting pot of different cultures, colours and flavours. And when you dig a little deeper, the surprising history of Guildford is another fascinating reason to learn about and explore this underrated Western Sydney suburb. So, get out and explore Guildford!


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