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On the traditional land of the Dharug, Dharawal and Gundangara People, Casula sits within the local government area of Liverpool and easily accessed by rail and road. Casula is bordered to the East by the Georges River, and to the North and West by the M5


To start your day in Casula, grab a coffee from either Bellbird Dining within the Powerhouse or from The Paper Mill which you can find at the Liverpool end of Powerhouse Road.

Adjacent to Casula station sits Leacock Regional Park, where you’ll find the Bellbird walking track meandering through the dense forest, along the Georges River. Take a stroll along the 1.6km walk and listen to the call of the bell miners echoing through the trees, creating a real rainforest feel. This area of the Georges River is going through a rejuvenation, with plenty to see and do plus you get great and access to the waterfront.

After finishing up your walk, you’ll be back at the station, take a look at the nearby impressive Graffiti Tanks positioned behind the Casula Powerhouse Art Centre. For many years, these tanks have served as a canvas for anyone to graffiti on them. Being legal graffiti walls, the tanks are always filled with an impressive array of artworks by a whole range of individuals. This initiative helps people to express their creativity in a safe and freeing way. Such an impressive and unique feature to the area, you will not be able to miss the colours and designs present on the tanks.

After taking in all the street art on the tanks, have a walk around the Casula Powerhouse Art Centre and make your way towards the front door. Walking around the building you’ll really get a sense of the scale, especially the 76-metre-high chimney. Built in 1955 as a power station to cater for the growing demand in Western Sydney, the building was reopened as an arts centre in October of 1994, with expansions to the centre happening from 2006 – 2008.

The Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre hosts an array of ever-changing exhibitions within their four main gallery spaces. They have a commitment to showcasing local artists alongside international and national artists.

By now you will have built up an appetite, you can grab yourself something to eat right inside the Powerhouse. Their inhouse restaurant Bellbird Dining and Bar is open for lunch Wednesday through Sunday, and open for dinner on Saturdays. Their extensive menu includes a range of fine dining options ranging from duck to pasta and steak. Their accompanying extensive wine list has many options for every palette, and you’re sure to find something to pair perfectly with your meal.

Visiting this pocket of Casula will feel like you’ve travelled into a real creative hotspot. We hope you enjoy your day out as much as we did!


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