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Surrounded by hills and bushland on the traditional land of the Bidjigal people, Baulkham Hills is a pretty suburb in the heart of the Hills Shire. Known for its large parks and green spaces, it is a perfect destination for a day outdoors.


Begin your day with a coffee and bite to eat at the Baulkham Hills Sports. Their in-house restaurant The Gallery is a spacious spot to enjoy something from their well-curated dining menu which includes hearty steaks, sustainable seafood, and Asian favourites. If you're visiting on a weekday, you'll want to check out the excellent daily specials too. Take your time here, and simply enjoy the serene bushland views that surround the club.

Next, head up the road to Ted Horwood Reserve, a huge park with multiple fields, tennis courts and a playground. This park is great for a run around for children, or a game of tennis. Take time to walk around the park and enjoy the views towards Sydney. You might even spot the skyscrapers far off in Chatswood.

Closer by, you’ll also find the community nursery at the southern end of the park. With the support of local volunteers, this community garden grows plants and supplies them to the community for local projects and council initiatives.

Bidjigal Reserve is right next to this park. Named after the traditional owners, this reserve is a large bush area with many walking tracks. For the adventurous, we recommend doing the Burraga Walk which is a 4.6 km loop that winds through the valley passing waterfalls and the Darling Mills Creek area which contains Indigenous rock dwellings dating back almost 12 000 years.

After the bushwalk, you’ll certainly be ready for some food. Head to the town centre on Old Northern Road. Here you’ll find the local shopping centre, restaurants, grocery stores, and bakeries.

We recommend trying Kuali, a small Malaysian Chinese restaurant along Old Northern Road. This cosy restaurant serves tasty Malaysian food, with authentic flavours and textures. Their Spicy Crispy Eggplant is so fresh and packed with flavour, it’s the perfect entrée for sharing. Go traditional, and order Nasi Lemak and Char Kuey Teow for your mains, as well as a Malaysian curry and their signature fried rice.

Baulkham Hills has a growing Iranian population, so be sure to head down Old Northern Road to try some Persian foods. You’ll find Ricah Grill which serves Iranian kebabs, stews, and other authentic dishes – another great lunch option. Saffran Patisserie is just a few doors up and you can pick up some fresh Persian style baklava, pastries, biscuits, and cakes. Next door is Kian Bread, where you can buy their freshly baked Barbari bread which is a type of flatbread – it’s best eaten warm hot out of the oven.

Once you’ve filled your bags up with Persian goodies, head to Balcombe Heights Estate, a large park on Seven Hills Road, for an afternoon picnic and post-lunch stroll.

One remarkable thing about this park is the William Thompson Masonic School hall building which radiantly towers over the ovals. Built in 1922, it was opened by the Masons as a home for orphaned and disadvantaged children after World War I. You can view the exterior which is impressively well maintain – a great photo spot.

In front of the school is an impressive War Memorial which is a tribute to former students at the Masonic School who fought in World War II and the Vietnam war.

The park is surrounded by well-kept gardens, and a palm tree drive. Spend hours here enjoying the sun, and the snacks you picked up in town. If you’re into skateboarding, there is also a state-of-the-art skate park featuring a 22-metre bowl.

Once a semi-rural area, Baulkham Hills remains a spacious, green, and hilly place to enjoy nature, culture, and great food – you’ll find plenty to do in a day.


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