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So you know we love how Newcastle and the Central Coast is full of great street art. To understand how profound and widespread street art is and how formative it is in reshaping the cities and communities of this area you really have to experience this for yourself. If you're heading to Newy, make sure you check out one very new, very cool place created by one very cool local artist.


Jordon Lucky is a Street Artist with a tonne of work throughout the area, many of which have become cultural icons of the cityscape. His work is often seen on huge buildings, walls and spaces in and around the Newcastle Region. What is really exciting is that he has just opened up an art gallery like no other. His new gallery, Playstate, captures the essence of that experience and redefines the rules of how a gallery should work, look and feel.

The transformative concept has created a space for his art, and other street artists, to create, exhibit and celebrate their works within an indoor environment. The walls, floors and ceiling may even form part of these epic artworks. Canvases within the murals capture parts of the work that can be taken away. The smell of fresh paint and a very cool vibe welcomes you in to share in Jordan's passion, he‘s an incredibly personable and happy person too.

The concept of the gallery is a little bit like a pop-up event or food experience. Come and see it quickly as the whole artwork will be painted over and be transformed by another artwork so that the experience of the street artist keeps rolling, moving forward and changing.

The gallery has already caught the eye of businesses and brands wanting to engage with a cool space for their own events so Jordan's concept is already attracting some big names for product launches that want to tap into the street art experience.

When we met with Jordan, he was preparing for the gallery opening event, having been up for 24 hours painting. He was bright, happy and full of passion. With some cool bars right next door, he was able to transform their courtyards into a cool hidden pop-up event space and the collaboration of these bars can only add to the experience.

The gallery is set to become a must-see destination in Newcastle. The artworks created are of exceptional quality and you will be immersed in them as they literally envelop you. Bright, colourful and joyful they sum up what the gallery sets out to achieve. Get this on your must-do list.


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