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Newcastle is home to a staggering amount of street art; the city began a transformation in 2008 through a project called ‘Renew Newcastle’ which was the start of something of a cultural renaissance. Through art, and specifically, street art and public murals the project's aim was to turn empty spaces into creative spaces. This of course was then a catalyst for new business, new people and a new perspective from locals and business alike, and it has worked.

Street Art Walking is now one of the must-do things when you come to the city. The large-scale murals, moments and bursts of colour are a result of some beautifully curated and commissioned works and the result of some spontaneously produced works you will find in laneways, on fences, ends of terraces and even factories becoming a part of a broad urban canvas.

This gives the city an energy, an identity and shows its passion. Becky from Newcastle Afoot is a passionate local who can take you on a guided walking tour of some of the cities best.

She is bubbly, fun, and engaging and has a real passion for the arts.

Newcastle is home to one of the largest populations of artists in one city and the results are nothing short of splendid. Wherever you go you’ll see street art and discovering the meaning behind them and the stories they tell is a great little experience and a great way to get to know the city too.


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