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Hazelbrook is a small town along the Great Western Highway in the Blue Mountains. Sitting on the traditional land of the Dharug and Gundungurra people, Hazelbrook is a scenic place surrounded by waterfalls. It’s a great place to stop and slow down a while as you travel up into the Blue Mountains. From bushwalks to antiques and Chinese food, it’s time to add Hazelbrook to your list.

pedestrian bridge and trees hazelbrook


Hazelbrook is an easy train trip from other parts of Western Sydney, or a drive along the highway.

Begin your day with a coffee in the town centre. You’ll find the charming and quirky Wikileaks Cafe in the Hazelbrook shopping village. Enjoy a Campos Coffee, with something Mediterranean-style to eat. It’s hard to miss the big wall art of Julian Assange himself, painted by a local artist. This is a truly unique and friendly local café.

A few doors up is Boba Bear & Eatery which also does great coffee, juices and boba tea! Again, quirky art is a feature of the café and it buzzes with cool energy.

There are several great walks to do around the bush areas in north Hazelbrook – known as ‘The Ampitheatre’. We recommend the Horseshoe Falls walk which begins on Oaklands Road at the Burgess Falls Walking Track. Follow the signs down into the valley where you’ll hear the constant trickling noise of the stream. Eventually the track opens up to a magnificent waterfall which you can even walk behind. Look closely at the roof and you’ll see many small stalactites. A hidden surprise for the adventurous is that if you visit these falls at night, you just might see some glow worms! Just don’t shine any lights on the walls and be very, very quiet.

You can continue the walk along to Oakland Falls, and down to Hazelbrook creek. This is a quiet bushland reserve with great signage, and several short walking trails to be discovered.

For lunch, head back to the Hazelbrook Shopping Village where you’ll find several great options. Chances are you would’ve driven past and seen the iconic Hazelbrook Chinese Restaurant which overlooks the highway. Opened in 1990, this is a classic Australian Chinese restaurant with great service and much-loved dishes like sweet and sour pork, fried rice, and Mongolian lamb. All the classics.

You’ll also find Hazelbrook Kebab and Pizza House, for any other cravings you might have. We love their light and crunchy gozleme, and they have an excellent range of traditional pizzas.

Next, head over the pedestrian bridge that leads to Hazelbrook station. From this bridge, you can see all the way across Western Sydney and even to the CBD on a sunny day. What a view.

On the other side of the train line, you’ll also find Hazelbrook Cottage Antiques which is a quaint and very charming store filled with old wares. Have a rummage and chat to the friendly staff who certainly have a story or two to share.

We love that the Blue Mountains are dotted with lovely little villages each with their own unique and discernible character. Hazelbrook is a destination in and of itself, and there’s plenty to discover when you stop for a walk, a treat, or a little wander.


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