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Happy Hour in Western Sydney

As you’re probably aware, here at The WEST Journal, we love to celebrate all businesses within Western Sydney. Like many of you, we are well aware of the challenging times businesses and individuals alike are facing with the current lockdown restrictions.

Something that really warms our hearts and makes us proud to stand alongside fellow businesses within Western Sydney is the resilience and adaption shown with many hospitality businesses around the area. When life gets tough, they choose to pivot and explore other avenues. We’re blown away by their creativity and ability to adapt to life’s uncertainties. Today, and all through this week, we are bringing you a selection of local businesses who have adapted to the change and are bringing a wonderful selection of offerings to the market!


Barenz, loated in Argyle Street Camden has been continually adapting and changing its offerings for the public during the current lockdown.

Barenz have a great selection of takeaway cocktails available, served in jam jars!

You can also choose to pair your cocktails with a great selection of takeaway beers and wines available for purchase.


Sarino’s in Baulkim Hills offers exquisite drinking options from the comfort of your very own home! It’s the perfect option to get that bar quality drinks without leaving your home!

The selection of small-batch premium cocktails to help you get through the endless weeks of lockdown! With classics such as the Negroni and Old Fashioned, as well as some creative cocktails like the Gina-Colada and The Sophia they guarantee there is something here for everyone to enjoy!


We visited Respite bar at the end of last year, and continue to talk about how amazing and unique the venue is. We love the neighbourhood feel of the bar, even for visitors to the area, Respite is always a place where you’ll feel at home!

Currently, the boys have been selling and supplying their batch brewed cocktails available for takeaway, with each bottle giving you around 5 servings equating to 10 standard drinks. They have recently announced plans on relocating to their new venue, and through buying a takeaway cocktail, you’re put on the list to win a chance to attend the grand opening event, which will happen once lockdown is over! A great initiative to get people excited for the end of restrictions!


Henry’s Bar and Restaurant has recently opened in Penrith, and it set to become an institution of the area! Opening a new venue is hard enough, but doing so during a global pandemic makes it ten times harder!

Henry’s is serving a range of $25 bottled cocktails, all of which are 750ml in size. The range including the all-time favourites Mojito, Margarita, Swedish Sangria & Sailor Punch! Their beers are served as 2L in a growler and start from $18 when re-filling. The growlers are available for purchase from $12 and can be refilled unlimited times.


We visited The Bunker in Leura earlier this year, and were blown away by both the drinks and the venue itself! Since we’re not able to get back to the venue just yet, we can still enjoy some of the takeaway cocktails and drink packs they provide!


Whiskey Tango in Middleton Grange is providing some of their very popular cocktails in their special Locktail promotion! Each bottle comes with 4 servings of drinks and is available in a range of their specialities such as the Ratpack, Bonnie and Clyde, Feather Boa and The Mynx.

A few orders of these will be sure to help end some of your lockdown blues!


Smokin Aces bar in Canley Vale has taken their takeaway cocktail range to the next level!

With a whole range of premium cocktails available in 750ml bottles, these are guaranteed to keep you entertained for the whole night! Smokin Aces also sells comfy little hoddies for the cocktail bottles – a perfect lockdown addition!


Bella Vista Hotel has stepped up the game and has introduced a range of Boozy Shakes. These shakes take inspiration from chocolate bars and are the perfect addition to any at-home boozy brunch!

As well as the boozy shakes, Bella Vista Hotel also provides a great selection of takeaway cocktails and tap beer.


Pickled Bear is a unique small bar based in Bella Vista, and they definitely know how to bring their party atmosphere straight to your house!

With a whole range of classic cocktails and some specialities, Pickled Bear has stated they’re determined to help get you through the lockdown and boy do they mean it!


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