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The traditional land of the Darug People, St Mary’s is home to over 12,000 people and is located within Penrith Council. Named after the parish Church of St Mary Magdalene, St Mary’s boasts leafy wide streets full of history and street art.


With a station located in the heart of the city centre, St Mary’s is easily accessible via the Sydney Train Network. However, if you’re driving in, we would recommend first stopping at Mamre Homestead on Mamre Road.

Mamre Homestead was completed in 1832 and has been through neumourous renovations over the years, helping to preserve the Colonial Georgian character of the home. Currently leased by CatholicCare Social Services, there are plans to bring back the commercial kitchen and provide an onsite café for members of the public.

After exploring some of the history, continue down Mamre Road onto Queen Street, the hub of St Marys. If catching the train, Queen Street will be where you’re dropped off. Start your day by grabbing a coffee from one of the many cafes, such as Cassandra’s on the Park and being exploring the streets.

Spend some time in Coachmans Park, situated in the heart of St Mary’s. Here you’ll find plenty of seating and shade, as well as entertainment and community events from time to time. You’ll also be able to read some signage talking about the history of the area throughout it’s many years.

Continue your adventure walking down Queen Street. The wide, tree lined streets make it perfect for a leisurely stroll through the town centre. As you’re walking, you’ll notice the amazing amount of wall murals and street art which helps to add vibrancy into the township.

Walking the streets you’ll notice the amazing pastiche of architectural styles throughout the township, contemporary buildings, next to mid-century, next to heritage style.

After you’ve finished exploring the town, head to St Mary’s Rugby League Club, A 10 minute drive from Queen Street. At the Rugby League Club you’ll find a great selection of dining options, in a really cool and comfortable setting. Our pick was the outdoor Ironbark Terrace.

Full of greenery, you could imagine spending hours here with friends enjoying some of their live entertainment and good food! If you’d prefer to sit inside, we can guarantee you the inside is just as good at the terrace!

Based on the site of the future airport, the panoramic views of the construction site really give a greater understanding of the magnitude of the project. Exploring the centre you can learn not only about the immediate airport but also how the surrounding towns and landscapes will be transformed to accommodate the swelling population and visitors to the area. Looking through the glass windows you can see where the runway and terminals and the runway is being built.

The new airport is going to be a hub of Western Sydney – it’s one of the biggest projects undertaken in Sydney and it’s truly amazing to see how it is all coming together.


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