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Nestled between the likes of Liverpool, Hurstville, and the Georges River National Park lays the quiet residential hub of Revesby. Most known for its’ larger-than-life workers Revesby Workers Club boasting over 50,000 members, we wanted to show you some of the little hidden secrets found within the Revesby area.


If you need to start the day with a good coffee, then make your way straight to the café Two Two One Two, and grab a Campos Coffee. Then head down to one of the many traditional Lebanese sweet shops, such as Diamond Sweets Cakes. Treat yourself to one or more of the many varieties of Baklava along with other Lebanese treats like Znoud el sit or Lady’s Arm’s as they are also known. These rolls are filled with a clotted cream, wrapped in phyllo dough, fried, and drizzled in a thick orange blossom and rose water syrup. YUM! Given the name because the elongated shape of the pastry resembles a lady’s arm.

Be sure to grab some extra pastries for later in the day as part of your adventure. While you visit a little institution that has been here since 1984, Revesby Seafood and Chicken is like stepping back in time. Grab yourself some Fish or Chicken and Chips and head on down to Revesby Beach on the Georges River National Park for an afternoon on the water. Here you will discover another little natural hidden gem with a pristine beach right at your doorstep.

Follow the River Road all the way down and across Henry Lawson Drive and you will find The Georges River, National Park. A great spot for a family day out with swimming, fishing, and boating at the ready. If you prefer to go solo the 3.2km round trip Ridge walking track is a beautiful walk along both the river and ridgeline that allows you to take in scenic views of the Georges River and all the activities going on there. The walk takes in some beautiful rock formations, wildlife, mosses, and fungi that really come to life this time of the year.

While you are in Revesby and can fit in some more food, you should also check out Dough Boss on Selems Parade, a busy Lebanese bakery serving all varieties of Lebanese delicacies. Pizza, Manoush and Lebanese street food. Next door to Dough boss is Stumpy’s Burgers. Definitely worth checking out if you are a burger or wrap fan.

The train line runs right through the middle of Revesby making for the perfect little day trip.. Revesby and is also accessible coming from the city, or the West via the M5 and The River Road. The Georges River National Park is an only 5-minute drive from the heart of Revesby so we would suggest driving or catching an Uber down, or take a walk through the streets and get to know the locals.


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