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Characterised by panoramic mountain views and tree-lined streetscapes, Mount Annan is a neighbourhood primed for liveability. It is walled by the beautiful Australian Botanic Gardens and semi-rural landscapes that create a residential oasis.


Life in Mount Annan is diverse. The streets are lined with unique homes, ranging from mansions and lovely big lots, to modern town houses and family homes. Having been built over several decades, each new area has its own charm and flavour reflecting the era it was built and the style of architecture.

One such area is the pristine pocket of brand-new terrace homes next to Mount Annan Marketplace. These homogenous white homes are striking in the sun and are a great display of the creative developments happening across Sydney, designed with connectivity and green living at the forefront.

Hidden among the quiet suburban streets you’ll also find nods to the area’s history. A bronze statue of Governor John Hunter is hidden on Baragil Mews accessible via car or by path from the Flower Power. It is a memorial to the story of European settlement on Dharawal land which Mount Annan is located on.

Walk beside the cascades of Thornleigh Gully surrounded by family homes and head towards William Howe Regional Park for incredible views of the area. Natural features like this dot the whole suburb, giving the area a harmonious feeling as each area is centred around open spaces.

At the southern end of the suburb along Moyengully Avenue and Commelina Drive, you’ll find prime examples of this. Beautiful homes overlook the rolling hills of the Australian Botanic Gardens, creating spaciousness and privacy at the same time. This is an area seeing significant growth as families look to establish themselves with the best of both worlds – stunning views towards the Blue Mountains as well as nearness to the town centre.

Of course, the Botanic Gardens are not only the supreme backdrop of the entire suburb, but they are also made to be explored by locals and visitors alike. Throughout the year, carefully landscaped gardens bloom with natives. In Spring, the area is known for their paper daisies which paint the hillside with colour. These gardens are always a worthwhile trip, with plenty of picnic spots and trails to walk, run, or ride.

Wherever you are in Mount Annan, you’re always a short trip to the Mount Annan Marketplace – the heart of this community. As the food hub for locals, the Marketplace has some great restaurant options including Melov Thai and local favourite Italian cake shop Pasticceria Dolce Vita.

Mount Annan is a neighbourhood perfectly designed for today’s lifestyles. With good schools, parks, amenities, and no shortage of spectacular views, Mount Annan is also perfectly Western Sydney. A day out in this area is enough to convince you to spend a lifetime here.


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