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To truly understand the changing face of Western Sydney, a tour of Oran Park’s past, present, and future is a must-do for anyone. You’ll be blown away by the thoughtful planning that harmoniously reflects the landscape, culture, and creativity that makes up this emerging smart city.


Oran Park’s has had a changing landscape since European settlement on the traditional land of the Dharawal people. Over its years of European history, the area was the site of cow pastures, grand colonial estates, and the world-class Oran Park Raceway which closed its doors in 2010. Keep an eye out for the host of design features that are a tribute to the area’s past.

Orientate yourself, by exploring Oran Park at the Information Centre’s town model. This model is an interactive overview of the town’s developments, current projects, and vast future plans. Read the information panels to grasp just how significant Oran Park is becoming as smart city 15 kilometres from the new Western Sydney Airport.

Once you’ve found your bearings, we recommend grabbing coffee and brunch from next-door at The Grid, before heading out to explore the town in real-life. Getting around the area is easily done on foot or bike with kilometres of paths designed to connect pedestrians and cyclists to all corners.

Oran Park is dotted with many greenspaces and parks that pay homage to the area’s raceway days. If you have children who need to run around, you’re spoilt for choice with many creative playgrounds designed for all abilities.

One must-visit park is the newly completed Doohan Reserve on the south side of Oran Park. This park boasts cricket nets, tennis courts, a grandstand, and a play area – free to all visitors. The modern play area includes a musical playground engaging children with the joy of sounds.

Next, make your way along the Kolombo Creek pathway and up to the Oran Park Library. Situated on top of a hill and apart of the developing town centre, this precinct is the site of Camden Council, Oran Park Library, and a spacious outdoor area.

The library and council buildings are impressively designed to accommodate a growing population – becoming a community hub for the next generation.

Perich Park across the road is the perfect place to look back on the area’s history. You’ll find the Raceway Walk of Fame and a sculpture tribute to the First Fleet’s lost cattle of the cow pastures.

Situated overlooking the under construction Leisure Centre and expansion of The Podium shopping centre, Perich Park is the perfect vantage point for imagining the future of this smart city. Stay tuned for the entertainment precinct, eat street, a state-of-the-art Artura Hotel, and a pub with an expansive green roof.

There’s so much happening in Oran Park, that a visit today will look different to a visit tomorrow. It’s a terrific area to explore and understand just how much change is occurring in Western Sydney to create liveable smart cities. Oran Park is a must-visit suburb to get a snapshot of the future.


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