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Nestled in the Cumberland City Council, Merrylands borders Parramatta, Granville, and Greystanes. It is a diverse community with a strong Lebanese and Afghan community, making up over 25% of the population.


The suburb lies on Dharug land with archaeological evidence that tribes use to meet here for gatherings, initiation, and bartering. In recent times, Merrylands has become a hub for Middle Eastern culture.

The hub of the suburb is Merrylands Road – the perfect place to begin your exploration of this multicultural community. As the main road of the suburb, you’ll enjoy being surrounded by colourful street art and shop signs.

Taking a stroll down the street, you’ll pass plenty of fresh fruit and veg shops, jewellery stores, bakeries, and restaurants. On any given day, you’ll be surrounded by locals going about their daily business. Take in the hustle in bustle of life in the heart of Merrylands.

We ate lunch at Kabul House, a small family-owned Afghan restaurant on the Western end of Merrylands Street. You get the choice of eating at a table or sitting on a traditional Afghan raised platform lined with intricate carpets.

Looking at the menu, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We ordered Aashak - a chive dumpling dish topped with yoghurt, lentils, mint and a special chutney. We also tried the Mixed Chalaw – chicken, beef, and lamb served on Afghan rice. To top it off, we had the Kabuli Salad

We know how the post-lunch slump hits, so now is the perfect time to grab a coffee from one the hidden cafes on a side street near the Stocklands shopping centre. Check out SeaSweet Patisserie on Merrylands Road for the perfect after lunch pick-me-up serving the best Middle Eastern sweets and European cakes and pastries.

After you’ve re-caffeinated, continue exploring the streets and the new Mason & Main precinct being constructed. A very grand and very beautiful development by Coronation taking inspiration from Islamic culture, which is set to bring a whole new life into the Merrylands main Street.


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