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As its name suggests, Meadowbank sits on the bank of the Parramatta River on Wallumedegal land and boasts an incredible view of Western Sydney, with the Blue Mountains easily visible on a sunny day.


A great way to get to Meadowbank is by ferry which runs between Circular Quay and Parramatta. Once docked, order a coffee and croissant from Fork & Spoon before heading up towards Bay Drive.

Alternatively, if you’re travelling via train, grab your coffee from Bencino Café, then treat yourself to a sandwich from Meadowbay Fish and Chips – located next to the station.

The first destination is John Whitton Bridge which can be accessed via a pathway on Bay Drive. This stunning steel bridge was opened in 1886 as part of the Northern Railway Line. Engineered by its namesake John Whitton, the bridge is a great vantage point looking over the Parramatta River towards the CBD.

Next, head back down to the Meadowbank Wharf, and follow the track underneath the bridge. From below, you can better study its lattice structure which makes for an excellent photo.

Head along the bike path and up to Memorial Park, a shady area with a great nature-inspired playground surrounded by bushland. Spend time exploring the park’s WWII memorial walkway which has 42 sandstone pillars inset with a stone from each country Australian’s fought in during the war.

Next, head back towards the ferry wharf and follow the river path to Anderson Park. This is another great space for children to play and explore the shoreline.

You’ll notice the stunning architecture of the surrounding apartment buildings that have transformed this once-industrial area. Explore the small streets which have each been well landscaped for urban livability.

After plenty of walking, you’ll be ready to treat yourself to lunch. We recommend visiting Cedrus which looks out over the river. Enjoy their traditional Lebanese food and hospitality – a meal made to be shared.

Small suburbs like Meadowbank are examples of how much Western Sydney has to offer and how quickly these tucked-away destinations are growing.

With new housing and retail developments, great amenities, and accessible public transport, Meadowbank is continuing to grow into a modern suburb with an incredible location and view.


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