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Western Sydney's ‘Little India’, Harris Park is tucked in a tidy pocket next to Parramatta. On Dharug land, this is a vibrant suburb just waiting for you to visit. Over 50 per cent of Harris Park’s population has subcontinent heritage, so it’s no surprise that visitors come from far and wide to explore the over 20 different South Asian eateries on Wigram Street and Marion Street.

Indian flag in front of skyscrapers Harris Park


WEST has you covered with a taster of what you’ll find in Little India. We’ve visited many times, and love popping in for a delicious Indian feast. Join us for a tour around Little India! It’s easiest to travel by train to Harris Park station, or if you’re driving, there is plenty of 2-hour parking in the surrounding streets including Harris Street.

The first thing you might notice in Harris Park is that the streets are lined with early 20th century cottages which have now become the home of South Asian eateries. Many of the restaurants almost feel like you’re entering someone’s home.

From any point on the street, you’ll be able to see the high-rises of Parramatta CBD which tower over the area beckoning you to look up. The contrast of heritage cottages, South Asian aesthetics, and modern cityscapes is a beautiful reminder of the changing face of Western Sydney.

Start your day with an Indian chai. There are so many places along here that sell this staple beverage, and Chilli Bites is one of these. Chai is a drink enjoyed many times a day by many Indian people. It’s a sweet and spicy drink, an alternative to coffee for many. Sit down and relax over a light snack like a samosa or naan.

Chatkazz is a popular vegetarian restaurant with snacks and meals from different Indian regions. In 2023, it was praised by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who mentioned their ‘chaat’ and ‘jalebi’ which are popular Indian foods. We love the colourful decorations, and the always busy atmosphere.

Along Wigram Street you’ll find Not Just Curries. The chefs pride themselves on their authentic techniques used for each dish, which include curries as well as a variety of other Indian dishes from around the country. Their signature chicken tikka is served sizzling on a hot plate and is made fresh for every single order, it’s a delicious spectacle.

The Nepali population in Sydney is growing, and Harris Park is home to several Nepalese eateries including Momozz, Tibetan MoMo and Jhamal. We love the great diversity of flavours here, and you’ll want to try Momo dumplings available at many of these restaurants. Chulho is another spacious and well-decorated Nepali restaurant, it has a great range of curries, momo, thali plates, and sizzling meats. We also love that they offer all-you-can-eat buffets throughout the week and on weekends.

Hyderabad House is just further down the street. This popular restaurant is known for its delicious Biriyani, which they claim is a way of life. Like many of the restaurants in Little India, Hyderabad House also has a great Indo-Chinese menu, and we couldn’t get enough of their fried noodles, simple but delicious.

Next, you’ll need to save room for falooda and paan which are popular at Jaipur Sweets around the corner on Marion Street. Falooda is a sweet dessert with ice cream, herbs, spices, vermicelli, and creamy milk - it’s very sweet and very refreshing. Paan is an Indian after-dinner snack, it is a betel leaf filled with a candied mix of seeds, nuts and spices - you don’t swallow the ingredients, rather you chew and suck the flavour out before spitting the rest out. A staple in India, and a must-try.

Another street dessert food to try is Kulfi. This is a traditional frozen dairy dessert similar to, but creamier, than ice cream.  We loved the almond, pistachio, and cashew flavour from Rocket Kulfi.

A day out in Harris Park is filled with great food, however you’ll also notice the myriad of local grocers and retailers. The Saree Shop is an iconic store along Wigram Street, and you’ll spot the dazzling sarees on display from a mile away. With a huge range of beautiful Indian clothing, this shop really will inspire you to travel to India one day.

Busy with locals during the day, and buzzing at night, Harris Park is well worth a visit at any time. A place of huge significance to many in the South Asian community of Sydney, Harris Park is quickly becoming a destination for people to experience a taste of India. But with simply so many great places to explore, Little India is certainly a great place to add to your list of go-to places for a great feed and a great experience in Western Sydney.

There is a vision in planning to create an India Gate, like that seen in Delhi and Mumbai to spiritually connect the Australian- Indian Community with India. A wonderful way to share our collective friendship and a tourist destination in and of itself. WEST cannot wait to be able to visit this and the wonderful community in Little India.


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