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Known as the ‘’Garden Village’, Leura has been a focus for visitors since the late nineteenth century. Home to Paul Sorensen, known as the father of Australian Landscape Architecture, Leura is residence to spring-flowering Cherry trees, and magnificent deciduous autumn colours. The traditional custodians of the land around Leura are the Dharug and Gundungurra Peoples.


To start your day, head down to Sorensen’s Glasshouse located on Herbert Street, on the East side of Leura. A unique café and nursery that has been set in the original Paul Sorenson’s Nursery. Serving up a wonderful selection of food, coffee and treats, the café has made its place in a ‘glass house’ set within the grounds, showcasing spectacular views out into the rolling gardens. Sitting inside the Glasshouse you have transported to a world away, and nothing could be more serene.

Grab yourself a cup of The Little Coffee Co blended Coffee and choose to either head outside and sit amongst the trees or stay inside and appreciate the views of the ever-changing leaves. Inside the Glasshouse be sure to browse the selection of homewares and plants available for purchase. Many of the stocked items are Blue Mountains based products, including the coffee being served.

After enjoying the grounds of Sorensen’s Glass House, jump back into the car and head over to the Everglades Historic House & Gardens located on Everglades Avenue. With a history dating back to 1939, the Everglades was originally purchased by Henri Van de Velde with Paul Sorensens commissioned to design the landscape surrounding the art deco mansion. Today, the grounds and house are owned by the National Trust and are opened every day of the week for visitors to explore.

Wander along the multiple garden spaces and ornaments throughout. The Everglades House is an art deco mansion, showcasing the interwar period architecture style common of the time when constructed. Explore the mansion, which is open to the public, and serving as a Tea Rooms on Saturdays and Sundays.

After admiring all the Everglades grounds have to offer, drive up into the heart of Leura. The Leura Mall is the main stretch of Road in Leura and is lined with cafés, shops, and local delicacies.

Up the Northern end of the Mall, past the railway station, you will find ‘The Bunker’. Set inside a spacious old Cottage, The Bunker is the perfect pitstop for a lunch in the mountains. With a plethora of interior rooms and a sprawling garden, choose to either nestle up next to the fire or if it is a sunny day, head out to the gardens and enjoy the views over the township of Leura.

Open from breakfast through to dinner, the extensive menu has enough options for everyone to have something of their choosing. If you are between meals, there is also a great selection of drinks available starting from breakfast cocktails through to dessert drinks, wine and everything in between.

After finishing at The Bunker, head back down into the township of Leura and dive right into all the hidden gems the town has to offer. With so much to see, do and eat, Leura is the perfect location for a weekend away with plenty of guesthouses available within walking distance of the Mall.


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