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The traditional land of the Tharawal People, Ingleburn is part of the Macarthur region located in the local government area of Campbelltown. Ingleburn has a long military history dating back to the 19th Century when the first land grants were made to previous soldiers of the NSW Corps, with the area becoming known as Soldier Flat.


With the train station located at the end of the main street, Oxford Road, spend some time walking the main strip taking in all the many different architectural styles of the street as well as the many different food offerings available. Grab a coffee from one of the many cafes such as Teo’s on Oxford and begin your tour of Ingleburn!

Continuing up the street towards Cumberland Road you’ll pass by Ingleburn School of Arts Building, as well as the Greg Percival Library and Community Centre.

Named after a former Mayor of Campbelltown, Greg Percival Library and Community centre was Completed in 2009 with the premises comprised of a state-of-the-art multi-level library with a multi-function community centre as well as. Head through the treelined lane way between the School of Arts and library and end up in Hallinan Park.

This green space is a lovely spot to sit back, relax and people watch. You can often find groups practising Tai Chi on the grass. Looking back onto the library from the grassy area, you’ll gain an understanding of how the building is designed as an extension of the new park. Be sure to take a seat and finish up your coffee while spending some time in the greenery looking onto the artworks that cover the panelling of the buildings.

After spending some time relaxing, jump in the car and head over to Ingleburn Reserve. Situated on the Georges River, the reserve contains the historic Ingleburn Weir which was constructed in the late 1930s to provide a swimming area for the local community. The vegetation that surrounds the parklands is classified as the endangered ecological community, Shale Sandstone Transition Forest. The reserve plays host to a range of endangered plant species as well as a range of native birds, marsupials, and other small reptiles.

Pack a picnic from home or grab some food from the many different eateries on Oxford Road from a range of multicultural eateries dotted along the street and set yourself up on one of the picnic tables in the reserve. With hikes and play equipment, there is plenty to keep you entertained for an afternoon in nature!


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