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This undiscovered township, on the outskirts of Western Sydney is the perfect place for a day trip on a sunny weekend.


Take the scenic drive along the Old Hume Highway among the rolling hills of the Wollondilly Shire or enjoy a train ride to Bargo station an easy stop along the Southern Highlands Line. Bargo is also a favourite destination for cyclists and motorcyclists looking to wind down long quiet roads. This small town will shine on foot, bike, or by car.

Start your day with a coffee and brekky burger from the local tuck shop Hectors @ Bargo. You’ll likely be greeted by Hector himself, who has run this humble fast-food store for thirty years. The painted mural on the interior wall is a dedication to this establishment and Bargo itself. You’ll love the local favourite bacon & egg roll, or if you want something heavier, there’s no going past the Bargo Burger. The next-door Bakery also does a fantastic custard tart – it’s a day to treat yourself.

Next, head north along Remembrance Driveway – an easy drive, or bus trip. You’ll come to the Tahmoor Garden Centre, which has a stunning collection of garden plants. In Spring, the centre is in full bloom, so make sure to get yourself something to brighten up your garden.

Across the road, you’ll find the Bargo Wildlife Sanctuary. Partially destroyed by the 2019 bushfires, this sanctuary is in the process of being rebuilt, however, they are open for group bookings which you can book through their website.

You’ll want to start heading back towards Bargo, but this time, cross over to the other side of the train line onto Great Southern Road.

We love how undiscovered this area is. Free from busy crowds, you’ll love driving, riding, or walking down this quiet country road. With plenty of trees and bushlands surrounding, this area you’ll enjoy its peacefulness.

Take your time walking down the road and explore some of the surrounding streets. You’ll eventually come to Hotel Bargo, an impressive pub just across from the station. Its exterior has a certain charm, impressively towering over the street.

They also have a permanent feature wall dedicated to motorcycling. Their pride and joy is the original Harley Davidson motorbike featured in X-Men Origins: Wolverine which was filmed in Australia.

Hotel Bargo also nails the pub lunch, which by now is probably what you’ll be hungry for. Order any of your favourite pub meals, and enjoy the familiar feeling of a country pub.

The Wollondilly Shire is home to four heritage-listed dams, built in the early 1900s. Nepean Dam is in Bargo, just 8km from the town centre. Enjoy the scenic trip down long straight roads, through the Sydney Water treatment plant and past several excellent picnic areas. A cyclist’s dream.

The dam itself was completed in 1937 and listed on the NSW Heritage Register in 1999. You can walk across the 216m long dam wall and stare down 82 metres to the toe of the dam. On the other side of the dam, you’ll find the impressive concrete channel which runs high above the outflow.

The dams of the Wollondilly Shire are truly an engineering site to be marvelled at. Spend plenty of time appreciating the views and the structure of this local icon.

After a day out in Bargo, you’ll feel tired but happy, as it is certainly a day well spent – and only a short drive away from home.


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