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“For too long, a generational stigma has tainted the perception of Western Sydney”


It is time to do away with old school notions and shift the long-held perceptions of Western Sydney. As rapid growth and change in this region occurs it’s time to highlight the incredible cultural diversity, exceptional food and individuality found within this region. This is exactly what The WEST Journal aims to achieve.

The challenging circumstances that New South Wales has been faced with over the last few months have cast a new shadow over the reputation of Western Sydney. As New South Wales begins to reopen for business again, there is no better time to encourage people to explore Western Sydney. The incredible experiences it has to offer, the pride and enthusiasm of its communities and the injection of new life into those communities which have been hardest hit.

As restrictions ease and New South Wales is in a safe position to begin connecting again, supporting local communities and small businesses has never been more important. The WEST Journal is a point of call, to guide those seeking, wanting, or perhaps just beginning to explore once again. Our journey is to share those experiences and celebrate the beauty of our cultural diversity and uncover truly exceptional experiences across Western Sydney and out into Regional NSW.

The Journal explores, experiences and then shares with their audience daily through social media channels, weekly through a digital blog and then seasonally within the publication. It provides a platform to not only celebrate the beauty and quality of experiences to be discovered but also connects Greater Western Sydney like never before. We are so very excited to share our inaugural spring edition with you. Uncover and discover WEST. We are fortunate to have a forward provided by the Premier, Gladys Berejiklian MP for this edition.


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