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Known largely for it's Chinese, Japanese and Korean food offerings, there is a lot more to Hurstville than what first meets the eye.


One of the largest commercial hubs outside of the Sydney CBD, Hurstville is easily accessed by train or car. A town with so much history at its doorstep, The Hurstville Museum and Gallery located on Macmahons Street is the perfect place to start the day exploring all Hurstville has to offer.

The Museum and Gallery which is opened Tuesday through Sunday showcases a range of exhibitions in their multiple spaces, as well as a permanent collection of historical artefacts.

Currently showing in the gallery space is the exhibition USE.

USE is a travelling exhibition showcasing contemporary jewellery and small objects, exploring the impact of tools in artisan practices, developed by the Jewellers and Metalsmiths Grough of Queensland. The museum and gallery feature an ever changing selection of exhibitions as well as their perminant collection of over 6000 objects.

Leaving the gallery, turning right and talking a walk down leafy Macmahon's Street towards Forest Road, take note of the historic buildings that line the street, including the Old Fire Station.

The streets of Hurstville are dotted with public art. The public murals highlight the natural environment of the area. One of the most famous sculptures in the area is of local writer Miles Franklin known for her work My Brilliant Career. Having lived and worked in the Hurstville area, Miles Franklin is locally celebrated and has written numerous novels based in and around the Hurstville Area. The novel was turned into an iconic Australian movie, which was filmed in part at Camden Park House near Camden, a town WEST featured a few weeks ago.

You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to food options in Hurstville. With a plethora of Chinese, Japanese and Korean food available, the streets are lined with restaurants, cafes and eateries.

Walking down Macmahon's Street onto Forest Road we stopped off at Chi Koko. A locally celebrated authentic Korean Fried Chicken eatery serving the crispIest chicken in Hurstville. Try the flavoursome Tteokbokki for a traditional korean food experience.

With so much to see, eat and do within Hurstville you'll be spoilt for choice. If time allows, check out one of the following for a delicious meal, Yummy Seafood, Yu Star BBQ Restaurant, Xin Jiang Noodle Restaurant, or La Yang Yang Hot Pot.

With so much culture and history to offer, spend a Sunday exploring all Hurstville has to offer.


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