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One of Sydney’s newest suburbs, Gregory Hills is forever expanding its offerings with a public art walk, a newly opened large-scale playground, and a food scene second to none.


What was once rolling pastoral land, has now been developed into a mass suburb of more than 2400 homes, schools, shopping centres and an extensive network of public parks and tree-lined bike tracks.

The largest park within Gregory Hills, Howard Park, sits adjacent to the Gregory Hills Town Centre and contains a playground first of its kind within Australia, basketball hoops, ping pong tables, and places for passive recreation. Howard park sits at the heart of Gregory Hills and is a must-see when visiting. The car park located in the town centre is the perfect place to park your car for the day as you begin to explore all Gregory Hills has to offer.

What might seem like just a playground, Howard park is actually home to the largest public artwork in Gregory Hills. The large yellow poles within the playground, titled ‘Mount St Gregory’ representing the undulating surrounding lands – making it the perfect place to start the Gregory Hills Art Trail walk.

With a collection of around 15 works of public art sprawled across Gregory Hills, the Public Art trail links all the works together, it makes for a really lovely walk through some of the green spaces such as La Valla Pak – a corridor park running across a riparian, Marcellin Park and Thomas Donovan Reserve.

After finishing up your walk, drive down to the commercial centre of Gregory Hills, home to a number of food options from the Gregory Hills Hotel, Frangos Charcoal Chicken, or something a little fancier at PECA Restaurant, a fine dining restaurant serving dishes from the Adriatic coast. After your main meal, head over to Mezzapica Cakes for some high-quality Italian desserts.

Take note of the architecture of this area, specifically across the road from Mezzapica at the HUB. Referencing some up and coming contemporary architectural styles.


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