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Fairfield is known as one of the most multicultural and culturally diverse regions within the greater Western Sydney area. The hidden gems, from art, to culture, to food, found throughout the streets of Fairfield are what really draws into the town!


The Fairfield City Museum and Gallery located on the corner of The Horsley Drive and Oxford Street is the perfect first stop, displaying a collection of exhibitions and artists in residence. Currently, there are few exhibitions including Fairfield’s Finest Drop which focuses on a unique period in Fairfield’s past when European winemakers established vineyards in the area, producing some of Sydney’s first and finest wines.

Located within the gallery space is the Vintage Village, a place that recreates historic buildings and artefacts found within the Fairfield area that date back to the 1800s – a place unlike anywhere else we’ve been! Set out like an old town, the Vintage Village transports you back in time letting you truly appreciate the historic past of Fairfield. We loved the intricate details that have been placed into this living museum.

After spending a morning at the gallery, head on down the road to one of Fairfield best brunch spots Bricks + Brunch. Grab yourself a Coffee made by none other than local roastery Goliath Coffee or check out some of their great selections of juices and smoothies – we found the mango smoothie and buttermilk pancakes was a winner.

Once you have fuelled up and ready to go again, head down Hamilton Road, towards The Crescent – the hub within the city centre. Take a walk around the nearby streets and let your senses draw you from shop to shop, café to café. Here you find a diverse mix of locals relaxing at their local Turkish café or bakery, buying the best flatbread in the area and tasting local delicacies. The feeling you get is immersive and celebrates a mix of cultures, just like you’re are exploring little hidden streets in Europe.

Fairfield is full of genuine surprises and hosts a variety of food and cultural options to satisfy you. After finishing up the day exploring the streets, why not treat yourself to dinner at one of the many many food options available, such as Shandiz Persian Arabic Afghani Restaurant Franks Lebanese Restaurant, Capinota Bolivian Restaurant.


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