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A descendant of the Murrawarri people through her mother’s maternal side, and Euahlayi people through her mother’s paternal grandmother, Danielle has created a name for herself within the art world. Growing up, living, and working on beautiful Dharawal Country, Danielle has carved out her place as an Indigenous Cultural Ambassador.

She is a mentor and a leading artist working as a brand and business partner for international brands and events. In a recent trip to India with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Danielle shared her culture and her story through a celebration of First Nations people everywhere.


Danielle Mate has, for many years, been quietly creating, teaching, and gently educating others on the importance of Country. Sharing in the beauty of indigenous culture and the importance of creating an inclusive future that celebrates, nurtures, and encourages all people to be proud of indigenous heritage and proud of the future we can create.

Her art is beautiful, stunning, captivating, and contemporary; as is the messaging behind the art. WEST fell in love with Danielle when her large-scale murals featured around Campbelltown City, in the Westfields Shopping Centres and famously for the designs created on a host of NRL teams jerseys for both men’s and women’s teams.

Most recently she was invited by the FIFA Women’s World Cup to create a large-scale installation as part of the media space for visiting nations and television broadcasters. A true honour and in her own style, she made it dynamic and alive.

Before that, it was the launch of a commercial carpet range within Europe where, as part of a team, she workshopped with Indigenous Youth from freshwater, saltwater, forest, spinifex, and desert Country to create a range that speaks to the meaning of ‘Country’.

Connection to Country and the meaning of Country is one of the most powerful and important things to First Nations people. Danielle is part of a much bigger movement about learning, showcasing, and celebrating this connection and meaning to a national and international audience. Her friendly, positive attitude, and welcoming personality has led to many opportunities both here and overseas.

Her artwork is sought out internationally, with the likes of presidents, royalty and celebrities being presented some of her works. Most recently Danielle had the opportunity to travel to India, as part of a broader economic and cultural engagement program with DFAT and working with to share in soft diplomacy through her art and culture. This led to her presenting a unique gift to the High Commissioner to India, a uniquely Australian-Indian celebration of shared cultures through a love of art and sport.

A personal invitation from India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi was extended to Danielle, where she was able to meet him and enjoy a one-on-one conversation. A moving experience for her and an opportunity to talk to one of the world’s most influential leaders about the importance of including culture and art in the making of our collective futures.

Back at home, Danielle works with FOMA – Fabrics of Multicultural Australia, to celebrate cultural diversity through the lens of Fashion - an example of the exchange of cultural identity through art. Another example was the Whale Tail exhibition that ran through Sydney’s Cockle Bay Wharf and Darling Harbour in 2022. The list goes on and on.

Danielle is an inspiration, an advocate and genuinely one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She inspires others and shares her vision of a future through her art. Her studio in Casula, in Liverpool City Council, reaches far and wide - right around the globe in fact.

All we can say is watch this space, there is so much more to come. Chances are you have already seen her work and will see a whole lot more in the future. And of course, Danielle is a positive role model for Australia, and Western Sydney too.

For more information, visit Danielle's website.


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