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This week, in preparation for the opening up of Sydney, we’re bringing you a selection of the wonderful cultural institutions and public art we’ve found during our travels. Although you may not currently be able to view these places at the moment, it’s worth knowing about all these wonderful places which you will be able to visit in the upcoming months!


We were lucky enough to visit the Hurstville Museum and Gallery last year. With a wonderful selection of local historical artefacts and exhibitions, the museum and gallery are ever-changing meaning you are always able to see something new and exciting!

When we visited the gallery and museum, we were treated to the current exhibition of the time USE, a travelling exhibition exploring the impacts of tools in artisan practices. The exhibition was curated by the Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Queensland.

During the lockdown, the gallery has been showcasing their Snapshot Gallery Exhibition allowing viewers on social media to explore the gallery from the comfort of their own home.


Penrith Regional Gallery, Home of the Lewers Bequest is in Emu Plains on a parcel of land surrounded by beautiful gardens and a selection of historic buildings.

When we visited the gardens and gallery back at the end of 2020, we were treated to a wonderful afternoon exploring all the exhibitions currently running, as well as the expansive gardens. We took a walk up from the river to the gallery and it made for the perfect spring afternoon activity!

Throughout the lockdown, the gallery has been promoting it current exhibitions through digital mediums and bringing viewers exhibitions through digital catalogues. They have also been promoting and celebrating arts anywhere anytime providing their viewers with a whole range of activities they can do at home or in the garden, as well as artist profiles.



Located in the cultural heart of Campbelltown, the Campbelltown Arts Centre (CAC) is a modern building showcasing a whole range of exhibitions throughout the year.

Throughout lockdown, CAC has been providing virtual tours of their current exhibition such as the I am a heart beating in the world: Diaspora Pavilion 2. This exhibition allows viewers to explore and walk through the exhibition through their computer or mobile device. A very clever way to still engage viewers, without coming to the physical gallery space. If all goes to plan, the gallery will be hosting the 2021 Fishers Ghost Art Award at the end of October.


Based in Penrith, the Museum of Fire Sydney tells the story of Fire and Rescue in Australia through objects, historical vehicles and interactive displays. We visited the museum earlier this year and were able to learn so much about fire safety as well as the history of fire fighting in Australia.

During the lockdown period, The Museum of Fire has been showcasing a whole range of exhibits and specials throughout their Instagram. They have been posting a whole range of blogs that inform and educate their readers. They have also introduced Ask A curator day, where viewers of their Instagram are able to send in questions to ask, a great initiative!


Gallery 11:11 was one of our most exciting finds on our explorations. Based in the leafy streets of Epping. Owned and operated by artist Melony Kara Smirniotis, Gallery 11:11 holds a range of exhibitions by various artists, as well as workshops and mentoring.

Throughout the lockdown, Melony many locals walking past the gallery on their daily walks. After seeing this, Melony decided to bring the artworks out to face onto the street, this allows walkers to engage with the artworks on their daily walk. A wonderful idea to help bring back art into peoples lives!



While exploring Gymea, we were able to visit Hazelhurst Gallery. The gallery is set in the Sutherland Shire Council with the land being left to the council by Ben and Hazel Broadhurst.

The last time we visited, we were able to check out the café, and exhibitions happening. Unfortunately, because of the lockdown, the gallery and café have been closed. However, over on their social media channels, the gallery has begun a whole range of initiatives, such as a virtual sketch club, Clay modelling tutorials as well as throwback images from past exhibitions.




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