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Banksmeadow is named after naturalist Sir Joseph Banks who travelled with Captain James Cook in 1770. Blink and you’ll miss it, Banksmeadow is a suburb surround by industrial areas as well as the airport, but is home to a whole lot of firsts, such as Australia’s first zoo and football field.


To take in all that Banksmeadow has to offer, start your morning off by grabbing a coffee at Deluca Coffee on Botany Road before heading for a walk down Waratah Road. On the corner of Anniversary Street and Waratah Road, take note of ‘The Old Sir Joseph Banks Hotel’. A heritage-listed former hotel located in the heart of Banksmeadow.

The large Victorian building was constructed in the 1840s and by the 1850s was home to Australians first zoo, with outdoor sports courts which made it a perfect destination for a weekend away. The private Zoo was located apart of the Sir Joseph Banks park was once sprawling with life and home to a variety of different wildlife including exotic animals such as Bengal Tigers, elephants, giraffes, gorillas, bears and camels. Although no longer an active Zoo, the park is still worth the visit, showcasing statues of the animals which once roamed the grounds.

The mosaic tiling on the grounds of the park reflects the Journey travelled by Sir Joseph Banks during his voyage with Captain James Cook and the various places they visited.

Heading back up Waratah Road to Botany Road take a meander along the pathway, taking note of the colourful cafes that line the streets. One of our go-to spots along this strip of road is Croquembouche Patisserie. The patisserie offers a wonderful selection of desserts, as well as sandwiches and café stapes.

Continuing down Botany Road, head into local artisan store Studio Enti. The design practice of Naomi Taplin, Studio Enti produces porcelain table wear, lighting, and home décor. The handmade pieces reflect the good design concepts they have been inspired by.

Although a small little neighbourhood, Banksmeadow holds a whole lot of history and sites to be seen and explored!


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