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Kellyville is a hilly suburb in the Sydney Hills Shire on the traditional land of the Bidjigal People. It’s an urban centre with many new homes, updated shopping centres, and great sports facilities, it’s also one of the stops along the new Hills Metro line. Kellyville has many interesting gems to discover including a fascinating history about a mystery pub.

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Begin your day at the Kellyville Metro Station. Opened in 2019, the Metro North West Line has sliced travel times in the Hills Shire and is a very futuristic innovation transporting the area into the Western Sydney of tomorrow. We love the colourful glass panels that line Kellyville Station creating a bright mosaic effect. For a quick coffee, there’s the conveniently placed Dough N Co cafe for takeaway coffee and snacks.

The Metro pedestrian track follows the metro line to Rouse Hill- it’s great for cycling, walking, or jogging. One kilometre west of the Kellyville Station, you’ll come to the White Hart Inn archaeological site which is marked by two information boards beside the new Caddies Creek Sports Complex. In the construction of the metro line, the ruins of this forgotten 19th-century pub were uncovered and rediscovered.

Although historians found mention of it prior to this, it was estimated to have been built during the 1820s, nobody knows exactly when and why the inn was demolished. A mystery in and of itself. Once discovered, archaeologists excavated the site and found toothpaste containers, children’s toys, coins, crockery, and other items you might find in a pub. To conserve the site, the planned pylon for the metro Skytrain was adjusted away from the site.

After you’ve visited this archaeological site, you will have worked up quite an appetite- so head to Kellyville Grove. The drive here takes you through some of the most recently developed residential areas in Kellyville. Here you’ll find several great restaurants and cafes. For a coffee and an indulgent breakfast, we always love XS Espresso which has a bright and spacious aesthetic and can be found across Western Sydney.

You’ll also find the trendy and very aesthetically pleasing Mexican eatery Sanchez Cantina who serve all your favourite Mex feeds like burritos, tacos, and Tajin Watermelon salad. You’re spoilt for choice as Product of Italy, Harvest Bowl, and Maw Maw Thai are also each here - all fantastic food options.

Kellyville is home to a very popular and updated recreational area, Bernie Mullane Sports Complex. Named after Bernie Mullane who was a local pharmacist, Baulkham Hills Shire Councillor, and Order of Australia recipient, the sports grounds are a facility made for the Hills community. There are indoor basketball courts, outdoor netball courts, synthetic turf football fields, and tennis courts. With plenty of competition, casual bookings, and classes available, this sports complex is inspiring to all.

Livvi’s Place playground is a popular addition to the complex, facilitating all-ability play for children of any age or skill level. It not only has several slides, tunnels, and climbing obstacles, but you’ll find an exciting water play area, in-built trampolines and interactive musical equipment.

For something more to eat, Kellyville is dotted with great dining options. Kellyville Village is home to several great restaurants including Japanese MakiMoto, Gati Thai, and Caffe Cherry Beans. It’s a spacious local shopping centre, with a great community vibe.

Along Windsor Road, you’ll find another small shopping village. Here you’ll find the popular Korean Fried Chicken restaurant Chicken V which serves deliciously tasty chicken and Korean dishes. You’ll also find Hamara Gaadi, an Indian street bites restaurant with favourites including dosa, chaat and biryani.

A day visiting Kellyville is very varied and really exciting, with plenty to explore and discover we love that this is a suburb with so much character and mystery. So, get out and explore Kellyville to discover your own backyard.


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